Friday, October 21, 2016

"I've seen too much love to give up hope" -Justin Joslin

I have been friends with Justin for 18 years now. Since I have known him I've known his love for music. Justin is such a talented musician and I have been lucky to be a fan of his throughout his musical journey.

On March 11 Justin released his second album, The River. It is FANTASTIC, he has mastered the craft of songwriting! His cd release show was magical, I ain't too proud to admit it, I cried. There was just something so moving about his performance and hearing those songs for the first time. Well, except for "Love you Wrong" which I heard for the first time on Jake FM. I heard it while I was at work and ran over to the radio and turned it up and yelled to everyone "hey! I know this guy!".  Every time I have seen him live since the release of The River I have been pleasantly caught off guard by any slight change in a song or intro and it seems like he just gets better and better. Justin is the salt of the earth. He puts his heart into every song he sings. He is also pretty much the nicest guy I know. He is the kind of guy that after just meeting you and he found out you were moving he would be automatically be offering to help you, he is giving and caring to his core. If you're familiar with Justin, chances are you've met his wife, Sutton. If you don't know Justin personally but have heard his music, you know his wife, Sutton. There are glimmers of Sutton woven into almost every song of his, and if you know know why. People often say "oh they are so beautiful inside and out" and maybe they kind of mean it or maybe its just that phrase you say to be nice, but when you are talking about Sutton Joslin it couldn't be more true. She is so kind and so genuine and drop dead gorgeous.  I'm probably starting to sound a little "single white female" over here, but if you know the Joslin's you understand where I am coming from.

So when I found out he was playing at The Basement for an intimate show with their summer concert series I texted my go-to sitter, Grandma Butkus, and made plans to go. It was a show in a basement in the middle of summer in got steamy down there. Justin and Lance Kuehn sweat their asses off while Chuck and I danced and sang along to the songs we love and have come to know by heart. I could go into great detail about what I love about all of Justin's songs, but to save myself from sounding like too much of a super fan I'll let you check him out for yourself. Here are some pictures I took at his show at the Basement. My parting tip, if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by life throw on "The River (Reprise)" and it will make you feel like you can take on anything...."come on bury your troubles in the water".

"I was born chasing the sun"

"I've lived through my midnight hour, now I'm tryin' to take it day by day"

"through the storm and the pain, I've got this hope"

Want to hear Justin for yourself?
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Did you know Sutton does nails too? book your appointment!
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