Monday, February 13, 2012

From Rava to Linda.

A blog about a car? Thats nonsense! But after 11 years 6 months and 17 days I have parted ways with my Toyota rav 4, also known as the "rava". Its been definitely been full of great memories, countless oil changes and numerous mounting problems. Though, when approaching my third winter without heat I finally said somethings gotta give.
So after years of saving, planning and researching I finally decided on a Mazda cx7. I know it seems silly to say goodbye to a car, but when it has seen so many states, so many miles and of course so many memories I had to honor it with a post.

I love my new car! It took some getting used to, for a while I didn't even feel like it was real. She became named Linda due to the talking GPS built in. I told Chuck on the way home from the dealership, "that woman sounds like a Linda", and its stuck ever since. For those of you who have had the glorious opportunity to take a ride in the late "rava" feel free to take your moment of silence whenever you see fit.

Talk to you soon!