Friday, August 26, 2011

A commonwealth cocktail, reinvented.

It's a Friday night and I opted to stay home and edit a wedding I shot last weekend rather than go out. Don't worry I am not alone, I have the London Gentleman to keep me company.

Let me explain...

I stumbled upon a classic British commonwealth cocktail recipe called the Dark & Stormy. Wanting to make it my "own" so I decided to recreate it...but do it Jenna style.

I have to be honest with you, when thinking of this cocktail in my head I thought it would be a drink that I would lightly sip on because it would be strong. But I have to tell you, its not too strong, its just right.

You will need dark rum, ginger flavor beer and a lime. Thats it, just 3 ingredients.

First you will add ice into a cocktail glass. Then you will add one shot of dark rum over ice.

Then you will pour your beer over the shot and ice.

Next you will zest some lime into your glass and add some juice of a lime from your wedge and then stick it on the rim of your glass.

The flavor is like a delicious beer with the crispness of a lime and the spicy warmth of rum, perfectly mixed together. For those of you 21 one and over pick up a six pack and try the London Gentleman. I have to give some credit to Blake for the name of the cocktail. He thinks adding gentleman to the end of any cocktail will class it up, and I think he is right.


  1. I have a week off from work next week so i will do some grocery shopping and give it a try , it sounds strong, but ill try anything once,

  2. Yum! I love your description of how it tastes!